What I do

Relational trauma needs relational repair.

These children are viewing a secure attachment system through an insecure attachment lens. We need to be translators.

I primarily work with staff supporting an individual child or I can offer staff training on INSET days or at staff meetings.

Individualised support

Observations of the child

I will come and observe the child within the classroom environment and at break times. I will be looking at how he/she reacts to his/her peers/teachers in different circumstances, for example, the transition from classroom to play and back again.​

Discussions with Staff

I will spend time listening to staff working closely with the child about their concerns and observations. Are there any particular times the child finds more challenging? Have the staff found any strategies that are working?​ If possible please also include the mid-day staff as lunchtimes can be a difficult time for these children.

Initial Feedback

I will give my initial feedback on the day of my visit, following on from the observations and discussions and endeavour to give easy strategies that could make all the difference.

Written report

I will write a report on the observations and discussions and suggest possible strategies.  This will be sent to school within an agreed timeframe.

Follow up calls

You are very welcome to give me up to 3 follow up calls for those questions that arise once I have left and indeed those that occur within the course of a school year.

Staff training

I can offer Attachment training to school/college staff. This usually requires a minimum of 3 hours and will inform staff of some of the following.

  • Neuroscience of Attachment, including healthy attachments and the Trauma tree
  • Types of Attachment, Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent and Disorganised
  • Vulnerabilities – what have these children lived?
  • States continuum and Polyvagal Theory, Stephen Porges
  • Regulate, Relate, Reason and Repair, Bruce Perry
  • PACE, Dan Hughes
  • Flipping the lid, Dan Siegel
  • Connection before any cognition or correction
  • Dependency and key adults, include Team Pupil
  • Settling to learn include Sensory and Theraplay, think Regulation
  • Behaviour as a communication and consider Behaviour policies, what would an Attachment Aware Trauma Informed policy look like?
  • Rewards and sanctions, why do these traditional strategies not work?
  • Looking after staff/ Supervision, avoiding blocked care/secondary trauma
  • FASD vulnerabilities in this group
  • Lots of practical strategies


The price of the individualised support package is £250. This includes approximately 3 hours at your school and up to 3 hours for the written report and follow up calls.

The price for 3 hours staff training is £150 for up to 30 staff members.

Price includes insurance, NI contributions and travel expenses.

You can of course ask me to adapt the package to suit your school better or indeed add on extras like support for transitions, for example the end or beginning of a new school year or moving on to another school.

Individualised support packageMost Popular

£ 250

Per child


£ 150

3 hours, up to 30 staff members

Pupil Premium Plus

It is entirely appropriate to use Pupil Premium plus to pay for this service and it is recommended in the NICE report (Nov 2015) that all schools train staff in supporting children with Attachment difficulties.

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