Would you like personalised support to meet the needs of children experiencing Attachment Difficulties?

Support for schools in West Sussex

There are many children struggling to cope at school because of traumas they have endured and there needs to be a different approach to enable these children to flourish in schools.

Understanding why these children think and react differently enables teaching staff to prevent many problems and provide a safe place for the child to learn to recognise their feelings and regulate. However, understanding the reason for the behaviour does not mean it is an excuse and strategies must be put into place to enable children to make good choices and at times natural or logical consequences to enable them to make better decisions in the future.

Does your school have children like this?
Julie Johnson

Do you have children in your school who may be experiencing attachment difficulties?

My name is Julie Johnson and I have over 20 years experience with teaching primary school children.

I can offer a way forward and advice on dealing with difficulties.

I have been teaching Primary age children for over 20 years and was fortunate enough to adopt two wonderful children.

It is through my experience of adoption that I have learnt so much about Developmental Trauma, loss and Attachment Difficulties. I have been learning things recently that I wish I had known all my teaching career and so I now wish to work with other professionals to help better support children struggling to cope in the school setting.

What is Attachment Theory
  • In 2018 I trained with Louise Bomber through Touchbase to become an Attachment lead Teacher.
  • I attended Sensory Integration training with Eadaoin Bhreathnach.
  • I attended Conferences led by Dan Hughes, Bryan Post, Bruce Perry and Margot Sunderland.
  • I have read books by Louise Bomber, Heather Geddes, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Margot Sunderland, Bruce Perry, Bryan Post and Dan Hughes, amongst others.
  • I attended 10 week training on NVR, Non Violent Resistance.
  • I attended 2 day ‘Inside I’m hurting’ training by Anne Henderson from Yellow Kite.
  • I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years’ experience.
  • I have written in TES, SEN magazine and SecEd Newspaper about meeting the needs of children that have been adopted or have a Special Guardianship Order through the use of Pupil Premium Plus.
  • As an adoptive parent and teacher I have personal and professional experience. I am also familiar with many of the support services that may be able to help, including the Adoption Support Fund.

Why not also ask me into your school to work with the class teacher and support staff to offer possible ways forward?

Remember if we can get things right for these children, it could work for all children. I am not a Therapist, nor will I make any diagnosis, but I can offer easily implemented strategies that could make a real difference to everyday life in the classroom and give these children a better chance of a successful education.

See what I can do for you

We have now drawn up classroom recommendations, guidelines and advice based on the report you submitted. This was done in consultation with Z and her teachers as you suggested. It has been formally implemented and the initial indications are good – Z seems much more relaxed in the classroom and the merits are stacking up fast. I am getting lots of positive feedback from teachers and learning support assistants. She is now in all lessons, seated and working. She is getting an extra merit point for doing so – her initiative. Having known expectations is definitely benefiting Z. Thank you so much for your help – it really does seem to have made a difference.


I wanted to thank you again for running the fabulous guest speaker sessions for us here at Northbrook College Sussex. The feedback from the students at the time was very positive. I have just finished writing up the course reviews for the cohorts you taught and they have again stated how interesting they found your sessions. Many have stated that they would have liked more guest speaker sessions and if their experience of you had not been so positive, that may not have been the case. Although I have worked with looked after children both as a teacher and teaching assistant and received some training, I still found your input informative and very useful as I learnt lots of new aspects of the topic. I hope that our paths will cross again in a professional capacity.

Karen Freeman

It was the first time I had come across Attachment Disorder, it was a very thorough session, really interesting and useful. I have already implemented some of the insights into my practice.

NVQ3 Teaching Assistant Student

It was fantastic and such a worthwhile thing to learn about. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding from this training. You presented it perfectly.

Teaching Assistant

The training and content was great. Very informative and lots of ideas of how you can make a difference.

Teaching Assistant

Julie provided us with more knowledge and I now feel empowered with another tool in my toolkit to a more child centred approach.

Learning Support Assistant

To protect confidentiality the child’s name has been replaced by another letter of the alphabet and the school’s name removed.